Friday, July 10

something monsterous

Don't be fooled by what they tell you,
and don't hold it against them for telling you.
They don't know any better.

Not all monsters are bad.
Not all monsters are scary.
And we certainly do not all live under your beds.
The most terrible hiding place.
Hence why they are always found.

Some of us hold particularly important roles
in keeping the order of things.
For example; The human dislike for rodents is
causing the worldwide rodent population to diminish.
Which results in an increase in consumable wastes
thrown out by you humans.
There is an elect team of monsters trained
(in their younger years) in dismantling mouse traps.
We don't always make it on time, but we do our best.
The monster you affectionatly named "Fairy",
and plays the sweet little helper in all your tales,
are not what they seem.
The Fairies are known for their ferociousness,
their agility and speed and the fact that they can fly
makes them the most lethal assasins.
And for your own well being, let me tell you
that the only protection against fairies
is a circle of smooth river pebbles.

My type all ahve soft mirror for skin,
making us extremely hard to find.
The elders of the monster
world try to promote our bad reputation,
they say "it gives us some peace and quiet!"
Not like how it used to be.
( Thou it is incredibly difficult to keep
a full grown dragon hidden.)

We are dying out.
It is unexplainably hard to keep hidden in your concrete world.
We are nature lovers,
it is where we have moved since the God's made this place.
We even met the first man!
But by the time he got to naming us he was so lost in boredom
that he simply said " There rest of them can all be monsters."

The majority of us have retreated to the ocean.
It's opener there,
away from the cities glare.
So let this be a friendly request
to share this world with us.
And not kill ever "bug"
that you haven't come to recognise.

Besides, when it comes down to it,
if there ever were a war,
we would most certainly win.