Saturday, October 24

Day break

You know that feeling?
You know when you wake up, not by the first rays of the sun, not by the chirping of an alarm, but just by the solid heat. The heat of the midday sun finally filling the enclosed and before now, protected space of your room. You open your eyes, either before or after, throwing off your covers, and realize that the day is as good as wasted. You predict many hours before your present enough in the present to leave your "home" and ponder if it is worth the effort to ever leave at all.

And now think of that moment,
I don't know where you will have to look to find it. And I hope with all the hope i have to muster that you have experienced it.
That moment, when you look out to the horizon, you see the faintest pink, so pink you cannot separate it from the deep blue on the other edge of the sky. The crisp air running up your nostrils, carrying the cool morning mist into your lungs.
You think about the day ahead of you and count the hours.
The imagine all the things your could fill them with.
And then you start. You starting filling them.

When I met you.
I remember seeing in your eyes.
The reflection of that day break.
And today, when i looked into your eyes.
It's like that day never broke. Like that sun never rose.
Ever since I met you, you have been filling the hours with passion and energy that can only come in the presence of such a sun rise.
Your life, lived with the hope of one who has seen that pink sky.
And has understood the potential of the unknown.
You have beautiful eyes.