Sunday, December 20

On Regret

How much of our present, do we spend analyzing the past.
The past is good for one thing, to get us to where we are and who we are today.
If we have a problem with where and who we are today, still no amount of reconsideration of the choices we made will change that, we are simply faced with the new choice in front of us. To change what we do not like or to let it continue.
Regret is a luxury that wise men are poor in. For they have realized it's uselessness, it's arrogantly obvious un-productiveness. And they have shed it from their shoulders like fake leather jacket.
Regret breeds sorrow and sorrow is weight that will drown best of swimmers.
Live in the now, and be nothing but grateful for your past, for it could not have happened any other way. It is what it is and because of it you are who you are and you have the freedom to be whoever the fuck you want to be.
It all comes down to choice.