Wednesday, June 10

Find your own balance

Feasting is good
and fasting is good
find your own balance
spoke the passing pilgrim

A man who eats too little
or eats too much
will never attain equanimity
recited the meditating monk

look at the food
on which you ponder
So susceptible, so emotional
there is no reality but God.

Drop the fork with which
You intend to devour the ocean
Yes, let the waves engulf you
and drag you to her heart.

Be patient
perhaps you will become a pearl
otherwise he will spew you from his mouth
like lukewarm water.

Drowning in life
on the beach of eternity
feasting on memories and premonitions
you die.

And all that you know
dies with you
Only to open your eyes
half way down the rabbit hole

And landing in the land of the remorseless
you breathe
you stand
You fly.

Beyond the treachery of reason
Into the river of the unknown
following our forefathers, screaming warnings
you are awake

yet you sleep in your awakeness
speaking with all confidence
Yet you know not the language.
wake up.