Wednesday, June 10

On Freedom.

Freedom is an idea
A state of mind.
So powerful,
It can become a way of life.

Or the pursuit of that freedom,
Is a reaction
To a threatening action.

Society and it's order enforcers
Have only themselves to blame
for the likes of
V and predecessor Guy Fawkes

Who sacrificed their identities,
to assume the symbol of a nations heart and hope
a symbol of freedom.

In everyone of us
behind our complacency
Hidden in the shadow of our greed and self righteousness
Is a desire for freedom

Yet we continue to look for that freedom
Within our prison walls
Some when have found it by looking further
Most have found it by looking closer

Until you accept
That it is your thumb
Under which you are trapped
You will not get out from its shadow

Free yourself from your beliefs
And the myths of what you need
Security is needed only by those who are threatened
Recognize your power to choose your threats

Free yourself from the uncontrollable
and that which you will never know
discard their limitations
free yourself of death

only then
Will you be able the free yourself from the pursuit of freedom
and only then
Will you truly be free.